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Selected artwork from 2011 until beginning of 2023


und und und_copyright by Adrianne Gojak
zerissen_copyright by Adrianne Gojak

With a story that comes from life, Adrianne expresses her personal emotions, feelings, as well as experiences through her artwork.


She kept it hidden from the public for a long time and has now officially displayed her work since 2018 with diverse works from the past.


The young artist has already presented her first exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin and Venice.


Her work combines and shows painting, drawing, photography, film, digital art, art installation, as well as experimental art with collages made from recycled materials. 

Movements In Between_copyright by Adrianne Gojak.jpg
interpretation of the angry harmony_copyright by Adrianne Gojak_edited.jpg

From a profound mindset, starting from reality to abstract surrealism, she relies entirely on her own intuition and creates something new out of movement.


The inspiration for her ideas arises during the choice of objects during photography as well as beeing in motion in the painting process. Love to detail, colours, flowing movement, a strong message and a graceful harmony are the recognition values of the contemporary artist.


With passion and joy she loves bringing people together and creating a space to connect through and with art.

in my dreams_copyright by Adrianne Gojak
trunken_copyright by Adrianne Gojak
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