BORN IN 1992

Adrianne Gojak
is An Artist Living in Berlin
creating motion with Art
and visuals through visions.

Adrianne was born in Chile with argentinian and croatian roots. At the age of nine, she moved to Hamburg with her mother. Always passionate in dressing herself with her mother's clothes as a child and running catwalks at home with heels way too large, she also spent a lot of her childhood drawing in her room after spending hours tidying up and reordering her toys. After grown into an adolescent young women, she finished her Bachelor of Arts degree and started to travel the world to learn more about art, cultures, fashion, fabrics and herself as a human beeing in this world. Working in the fashion industry for the last ten years, as creative director, stylist, visual merchandiser, set designer, set dresser and graphic designer, Adrianne became a real professional expert in her field and operates for well known national and international clients.


"Fashion is part of art - it builts its visions from art, culture and subculture, nature, society and politics in general channeled through colours, textures and a great design. The beauty behind styling and decoration comprises your visual business card of your brand, personality and uniqueness. The result brings us pleasure, a smile and a harmonic balance in our awareness. No matter where we look we are able to build a connection and feeling - they influence us in our levels of perception. styling and visual merchandising highlights your commercial as well as non-commercial message. Here it is where your talent comes into play to represent pure beauty.“


As a worldchild from different continents and cultures, all her life she has been driven by the simple beauty and the perception of art. Fascinated by the purpose, she loved imagining the thoughts and expression felt by the artist through their work. It can be said that Adrianne consciously followed her intuition, which allowed her to grow into a contemporary artist. Without knowing where exactly her journey was heading towards five years ago and with the only goal of giving her creativity space to unfold through experimenting, she stepped onto a new path. A path of art, where she found a space for creation to express her imagination. The whole photographing, drawing, sketching and designing process, gave her a sense of constant flow and unity between her mind and body. At the same time she while keeping true to herself, she discovered her interest in visual concepts, especially in combination with fashion. So following her heart, she moved to Berlin, kicked off a carrer and is exhibiting her art in Hamburg, Berlin and Venice.


Bombero International / Levi's / MyMuesli 

Nike / Sportscheck / Puma

Topshop / Zebraclub


LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Winterauktion / 2022

LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Frühlingsauktion / 2022

Palazzo Bembo / Venice / 2022

Millerntorgallery / Hamburg / 2021

Teufelsberg / Berlin / 2021

AA-Collected / Berlin / 2019

It's a Bar / Berlin / 2018

 SELECTED Store OPenings

Puma Showroom / Herzogenaurach / 2022

Under Armour / KaDeWe, Berlin / 2022 

La Boutique / Tulum, Mexiko / 2021

Levi's / Hamburg, Schleusenbrücke / 2020

Nike Showroom / Berlin / 2020

Sportscheck / Hamburg, Altstadt / 2019

Nike Showroom / Berlin / 2019

Levi's / Hamburg, Elbe Einkaufszentrum / 2019

L-Fashion / Panorama Messe, Berlin / 2019

Sportscheck / Magdeburg / 2018

Nike Showroom / Berlin 2018

Topshop / Berlin, Alexanderplatz / 2016

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