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4.500,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.

UV quality print on smooth textile 70x100x2cm in wooden frame.


Year: 2022

Technique: photography, self-developed technique

Style: abstract - surrealism - contemporary

This photography is taken in Mexico. A self-developed technique is used for this work, which constitutes the unique style of Adrianne Gojak's art.


Part of the series "DRAUSSEN" where the concept of five artworks merge with the five elements around us.

Five questions are being asked to combine and thematize the DRAUSSEN series from the visual perspective as narrative form for the creation of awarness for the very moment.

-Can I allow to connect with my senses and observe what’s coming up intuitively?

Five Questions to ask:

What am I seeing in this artwork?

How am I experiencing my surroundings in the space right now by diving into this artwork?

Who am I besides my mind and body?

Who am I when I’m in nature?

How do I feel in this moment?