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UV quality print on alu dibond 45x60x2cm.


Year: 2023

Technique: photography

Style: realistic - contemporary


This photography is part of the KOTTI D'AZUR series and has been exhibited during 48h NK Art Festival on the topic "Urbane Stille (engl. Urban Silence)" in Berlin. 


KONFUSE URBANITÄT (engl. Confused Urbanity)

The reflection on silence in urban spaces, as well as urbanity as an urban sound space, is explored visually through moving images, sound and photographs as part of 48h NK Festival theme “Urbane Stille“ group exhibition. The title KONFUSE URBANITÄT is shown through the experiences, sound spaces and individual associations of this year's festival theme, as a coherent series of image and sound, according to which these are grouped and presented as multifaced, noisy, moving, simple, resting, silent and colorful. Firstly, the words “urbane“ (engl. “urban“) and “stille“ (engl. “silence“) are separated from each other and considered on its own in order to be able to perceive and differentiate between the two together as “Urbane Stille“ (engl. urban silence) in space. In its confusion of contradictions, “Urbane Stille“ is shown as a contribution to everyday life in the city of Berlin. Urban/Urbanity is interpreted as loud, colorful, endless, moving and chaotic, Silence is interpreted as resting in itself, in snippets of conversation, in its harmonious distance, visually described with still and calm objects and colors. Nevertheless, both overlap internally in their contrasts; urban can be silent, just as silence can be urban. Confusion is an integral part of urban life, and without it, our everyday lives may be exhausting and stressful. To please the confusion in its contrasts, It needs surprising humor and blurred chaos. For the love of urbanity.