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adrianne gojak

is an multidisciplinary creative
living in berlin

BORN IN 1992

Artist Statement:

Adrianne Gojak started working as a visual artist in 2018 and has since exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg and Venice. In her multidisciplinary practice, she uses painting, photography, installation, film and mixed media formats to explore the relationship between nature, perceptual levels, dream worlds, the psyche and movement in all its forms.


Her works are based on the connection between art and humans, the processing of emotions and thoughts through abstraction and the play of perspective, reflection aswell as contrasts. Playful, thought-provoking and introspective, Adrianne Gojak interprets the contemporary on large formats, with a subject that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis or at least once in their lives.


Critical, colorful and authentically honest, she uses statement, medium and material to allow the viewer to develop a deeper connection to themselves by what they've experienced, bringing all senses together in one piece and allowing contemplation to fulfill.


Since her first solo exhibition in Berlin in 2018, her approach to the connection between humans and consciousness has steadily evolved without losing the tendency towards the playful, the critically contradictory as well as the controversial and representative. By transcending unconventional boundaries her works challenge the viewer and mutually enhance the spectrum of perception, to provoke one's own sensibility to open the doors to consciousness.


Adrianne was born in Chile and has Argentinian and Croatian roots. She studied Business Management at the EMBA in Hamburg and the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida and has worked for the last 10 years as a visual merchandiser, stylist, set designer and dress designer for national and international fashion brands, advertising campaigns, editorials and cinema films. As an autodidact, she has been painting and taking photographs her whole life. She started taking macro shots in her early teens, which shaped her handwriting to many of her works today. The possibility to creatively express herself within her conventional career in fashion was not enough for her, which is why she began to turn her private passion into her current profession as an artist. Today she lives and works in Berlin and is represented by LOT1 fair art auctions and Viva Con Agua Arts.

 "My mission is to bring awareness into self, through the vide spectrum art has to offer and connects us all in some way.

Helping others to find peace, joy and happiness in their everyday life."

adrianne gojak
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Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Solo Exhibition, Installation / summer 2024
Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Group Exhibition, Film / summer 2024
Galerie Streulicht / Berlin / Group Exhibition, Photography / summer 2024

Pura Vida / Wir Bauen Zukunft / Solo Exhibition, Installation / summer 2024
48h Neukölln / Berlin / Group Exhibition / summer 2024

Rock Paper Café / Berlin / Solo Exhibition / 2023
Veg'D P-Berg / Berlin / Solo Exhibition / 2023

Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Group exhibition Photography Installation / 2023
Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Group exhibition Film / 2023
LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Winterauktion / Berlin / Group exhibition / 2022
LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Frühlingsauktion / Berlin / Group exhibition / 2022
Palazzo Bembo / Venice / Group exhibition / 2022
Millerntorgallery / Hamburg / Group exhibition / 2021-2023
Teufelsberg / Berlin / Solo exhibition / 2021
AA-Collected / Berlin / Solo exhibition / 2019
It's a Bar / Berlin / Solo exhibition /  2018
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