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adrianne gojak

is an multidisciplinary creative
living in berlin

BORN IN 1992

Adrianne was born in Chile with argentinian and croatian roots. She finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Hamburg and lives since 2017 in Berlin. Working over the last 10 years in fashion, she became a professional expert in styling, visual merchandising aswell as set design and operated for well known national and international brands, movies and advertising agencies. 


As a worldchild from different continents and cultures, she loves combining movement and creative flow into art. Since 2018 she officially displays her work in Berlin, Hamburg and Venice. Adrianne started painting and drawing at a very young age, at the age of 13, she was already taking photographs, though still unaware of the fact, she would use them for her current work.

Today, with a story that comes from life, Adrianne expresses her emotions, feelings and experiences through multiple ways such as painting, drawing, photography, digital art, shortfilm, art installation and mixed media.

adrianne gojak

 "My mission is to inspire others to find their own inner peace and acceptance within themselves through the art of beauty."

I like to give others a good feeling about themselves, simply by sharing, expressing my emotions, feelings and thoughts, through colours, shapes, motion, texture and depth, telling the story of our nature as human beings.

How does that work?

By understanding and listening to each other, I create a space of collectivity.
A space where everyone understands the simplicity of human nature by experiencing my works for themselves and understanding the meaning of the story behind it.

This comparison and relationship with oneself through the storytelling and artworks automatically reduces some pressure of perfectionism to be a certain way to please others and conform, and brings more acceptance of our nature in the current state.


Experiencing your own emotions and thoughts through my work can deepen the relation to yourself and others.

For me it is all about creation and connection, leading us to our true inner truths of why we are here.


Because at the end we are all the same, all connected, simply human beings in energy bodies.


We laugh, we cry, we love, we enjoy, we despair, we shine, we grieve, we celebrate, we feel, we embody feelings and emotions.

All of this shapes and forms us into our own uniqueness.

 "I love creating ideas
and visuals through visions, using the motion of the energy body."
- Adrianne

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Rock Paper Café / Berlin / Solo Exhibition / 2023

Veg'D P-Berg / Berlin / Solo Exhibition / 2023

Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Group exhibition Photography / 2023

Mit Dir Festival / Klingemühle, Friedland / Group exhibition Film / 2023

LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Winterauktion / Berlin / Group exhibition / 2022

LOT1 faire Kunstauktionen Frühlingsauktion / Berlin / Group exhibition / 2022

Palazzo Bembo / Venice / Group exhibition / 2022

Millerntorgallery / Hamburg / Group exhibition / 2021-2023

Teufelsberg / Berlin / Solo exhibition / 2021

AA-Collected / Berlin / Solo exhibition / 2019

It's a Bar / Berlin / Solo exhibition /  2018

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