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  • How can I contact you?
    Simply go to "contact" and describe your request via the contact field.
  • Can I view the offered items on site?
    If an artwork is not currently hanging at an exhibition or does not go to the printer for you specially you can make an appointment and come by the studio in Berlin.
  • How does the price of the images come about?
    You not only get the physical product, but also the mission, the very subtle feeling and the connection that you made and have experienced through the picture or the story behind it when deciding, which will give you added value for the rest of your life whilst its haging on you wall. Therefore the value of each artwork is treated very individual and depends on several factors such as: Idea, creative effort, material, technique, time expenditure, limited quantity, uniqueness, packaging and transport insurance.
  • Is it possible to ship abroad?
    Yes. We ship worldwide.
  • How much are the shipping fees?
    Shipping within Germany is free of charge. Europe and worldwide the price depends on size, weight and country. We have calculated an average value to guarantee you the fairest price despite costs. This is calculated at the checkout in which you specify your country.
  • Which shipping providers are available?
    We have searched for a long time and finally found a quality forwarder, who will ship the works safely to your home.
  • How long does a shipping take on average?
    Since a few of the works are printed on demand and comissioned based, they still need to undergo a quality check and are subsequently hand-signed by Adrianne. This process takes about 1 week. Plus the shipping it takes around 1-2 weeks in total within Germany, 2 weeks within Europe and 2-3 weeks abroad until the artwork found they way to your home.
  • Can I have my order sent to a different delivery address?
    Sure, it is. Just fill out the delivery form in the checkout and write the right address where its heading to.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Yes. If you want to pick up your order, please let us know the date and time which is most suitable for you and we will try our best to book it in.
  • How is the shipping done?
    We do our best to provide you with a fast and secure solution and to ensure a flawless, quality shipment. Only after receipt of payment and quality check, all shipments are packed in parchment paper, bubble wrap, additional corner edges aswell as extra foam to protect the artwork and cardboard. For very delicate artwoorks, we pack it in the same procedure as mentioned, plus we build a special wooden box around it, before its secured and shipped safe by our carrier. All artworks are shipped with transport insurance.
  • What are the shipping prices based on?
    Here it varies according to the size of the work and the country to which it is to be shipped. The packaging for a larger work needs a larger and more elaborate packaging. Likewise the shipping price depends on the country it is going to.
  • What are the payment options?
    Until we have further expanded the store for you, we currently accept the variant of advance payment as a manual bank transfer.
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